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Monday, September 16, 2002

I went back to my hometown for the weekend to attend my cousin's wedding. It has been half a year since I last stepped on my hometown's soil and I must say I miss being home! My parents undoubtly missed me and proceeded to shower me with 18 years of pampering which was denied to me for the first 18 years of my life. (the last few years I was away from home so they didn't have the chance to deny me my pampering... nyah nyah!)

Anyway, it was a joyous time, my cousin being wed and all! Lots of food and of course, the usual questions of when's my tunr and stuff like that! You know, old aunt's and uncle's who can't wait to have grandnephews and nieces! It was different being back in a place where everyone knew you as a kid, and when you appear as an adult, a lot of things change. There are some, who view you as someone who might be successful in the future and tried to make ammends for their past attitude towards you as a child, and some who still treat you like one.

It was fun been asked to perform tasks or chores involving the resposibility of an adult. It gives you the feeling that you're doing something useful, that you're being held in the same light as adults. That you're one of them. That you've entered their world... and begun... to suffer...

And at the end of the day, just before I left, the most common quote I heard was, "It's not easy making money eh?" Wrong I say. It's not hard making money! It's hard keeping it! Till next time, the Multipurpose Man shall return, with the continuation of the epic that will rock the world and change your mind on strangers... the Thing Wars!


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