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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Had a round last night! Woohoo!!! Imagine this... four guys, supper at midnight... 8 cans of beer... Brothers' DVD. Twas a fun night of partying which I haven't done in a while.

Lots of scandals have been floating around in campus. And I have only a week or so left. I am done with my animation, but I am still animating. Go figure. I've been partying and having restful nights now. My room is still a mess but no one is bothered to clear it up. I guess it gives us all a sense of being lazy for once. Went to see my classmates presentation today. And I must say I'm impressed. A lot of good work has been produced this year. I look forward to the next.

My Gundam models are collecting dust. I'm eagerly waiting for the time to move out so that I could pose them and maybe build a mini set for them when I have the time. I'm still considering if I should stick the comments board up. What do you people think? Oh right... I forgot I don't have a comments board anymore. XP Anyway, personal comments or suggestions are welcomed. You guys know how to contact me. I'm a liberated soul.

Been having instant noodles lately. Growing a liking to them. This is not good. Had another water cut in campus. Girls are complaining about how much they smell. Guys are gloating about how they have water. Girls are accusing guys of NOT bathing as to preserve the water level in their tank. Guys think the girls are just being jealous that they [the guys] don't use as much water as they [the girls] do. And we STILL BATHE!!!

I've been having mood swings lately. And I apologize to those who have been affected by them. Sorry y'all!!! I still respect and love the yellow dog which has inspired me all this while. I haven't finished the book I'm currently reading. My 40 gig harddisk is now out of space. I need my burner back. Heck, I need CD's to burn. My jar of 1 cent coins is barely half full. Anyone care to donate some change?

A lot has been happening that I've been neglecting to write about. That explains my sudden spree of talkativeness... plus the fact that I can't do anything while my comp is rendering. And yes... I'm still working...

Time for dinner... got to boil the water for my instant noodles. I'm starting to miss all this. Maybe I'll write a song... or maybe... I'll just write...


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