Random Solitary Thoughts

Saturday, January 12, 2002

Been working on the background that I'm supposed to be doing. Discovered a few new techniques that might come in handy. Practicing hard on the guitar... been trying to make up for all those lost years of not playing it... trying to finish Harry Potter book 4 while at the same time trying hard not to get too addicted to the story... [I don't want to become a Harry Potter fanatic like some people... and thank whoever that I'm not a LOTR fanatic as well... XP]

My room's a mess. And as I was reading Booya's blog earlier, I remembered the time when I cleaned up my room back home. Found a whole pile of old comics I drew between lessons while I was at secondary school. Crappy sort of work... crude strokes and bad panelling... but good story. Not so much that I had better ideas back then, but that they were original. A few spoofs, but otherwise, pretty cool stuff... wonder why I haven't come up with anything of that magnitude of late... must be that dreaded thing called age creeping up on me...


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