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Saturday, January 19, 2002

The internet is still slow... felt a sudden zest for life these few days... so much so I actually stayed up the whole night a couple of days back to play on the PS2 my friend brought over. Still haven't really gotten over my PS2 jetlag... as of now... I'm still rather sleepy and tired... but work I shall!!! Now on the side... a few things I've noticed bu had been a bit too depressed over the past few days to comment on...

Kotak: Thanks for keeping me on my feet, and may you be able to finish your work on time. May you be well and happy!

Aimo [if you ever read this blog]: People are entitled to their comments on your artwork. Art is a subjective thing. Some may like it, others may not. If you're not willing to listen to their critism, then screw them for all their worth! Be happy with your own style, [tho I am honestly not a big fan of yours] and keep up the good work!

Clara: No dog? Maybe your turtle could have pissed on the rug and you have to spend the whole weekend cleaning up the stains so that your mum won't give a fit. Turtle piss can be messy... XP

Watched Black Hawk Down last night. A good war movie. If you're expecting the dramatic, romantic and heroic crap that Hollywood has to offer... this AIN'T IT!!! So go watch it for all it's worth!!! Nuff said...


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