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Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The night is long... and a presentation awaits me as dawn approaches. My desk is stacked up high with sketches. The news is playing on the radio. Another one bites the dust... sheesh... what else is new? The light from my cigarette provide enough light for me to read the small print on the note which the damsel in distress has left me. She had walked in a few minutes ago. A brunette. I've always liked brunettes. "I need a favor..." I remembered hearing her say in her soft husky voice. "What's the favor, and how much are you paying me for it?" I remembered asking her. "I want you to kill my lover..." she had replied. "Where's his picture?" I said. "Here SHE is..." HOLD IT!!! Okay, something went wrong... and I was momentarily shocked at her answer. She left, and I found this note lying on my desk. Now what does it say...? With squinted eyes, I strained my vision to read the words encripted on that piece of paper... it said... "If you are reading this, you must be dreaming! WAKE UP!!!"

Dem... and what a nice dream that was... shucks... okay, no more day dreaming! I had a tiring day! Been out most of the day and was totally out by the end of it! Made the mistake of eating a Curry Bread with Cheese! The mistake was assuming that the bread was covered with cheese and had a curry filling. It turned out to be curry flavoured bread with cheese! I've never had anything so gross... but driven by hunger, I gobbled up three qurters of it before feeling too pukish to continue. Had the final quarter later on, still felt pukish! The Hershey chocolate I bought seemed to help ease the pain a bit. I am never buying fancy bread again!

On a brighter note, I had a Battle Realms multiplayer session earlier. Good game! Reminded me of the old days, when we would just play Starcraft on network... ah... for the old days that time forgot... suddenly I'm feeling nostalgic and mellow... back to work.. back to work!


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