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Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Had a rough time today. Realized why I got what I got for my grades. All because of a "Bell" curve... let me proceed to illustrate the whole disheartening story in black and white technicolour.

Checked my grades a while back. Realized I didn't do as well as I had hoped. Felt bad but thought there should be a good explaination. My group members and I decided to discuss our reasons for not doing well with the lecturers after class. Class went by quite well. Our work was complimented a few times, making us wonder all the more why we didn't get what we should. Still, with the lingering question in mind, we trudged on through class, braving the boring lectures and feelings of letharghy that was swamping those of us who had less than 5 hours of sleep. In the end, we finally had our chance, and we posed the all time dreaded question. "Why did we get what we got?"

Okay, we put it in a more subtle manner, but the meaning was the same. The kindly tutor led us to her office and proceeded to explain to us why we didn't get the grades that we expected. Imagine our horror and shock when she said that our marks were deducted,[giving us an average grade] in order to meet the requirements of the exam "Bell" curve! The kindly tutor then began to explain to us that there can only be "one" 'A' group, and seeing that there was more than one, the exam board proceeded to minus a few marks in order to "prevent" the "Bell" curve from becoming something other than a "Bell".

I learned today that education isn't what it's meant to be. Grades can be bought and pulled. You don't always get what you worked for. Life's unfair. I learnt that students can flunk their finals for being smarter than the lecturer. I've learnt that lecturers can cancel classes to have fancy lunches. I've learnt that no matter how hard you try, someone's always gonna bring you down and make you weep. I've learnt that favors are not remembered, though faults are never forgotten. I've learnt that love can change a person. I've learnt that there is still beauty in this world. I've learnt, most of all... that chocolate should be eaten immediately after purchase as it almost immediately melts in this humid weather... even at night. I've learnt a lot... I'm tired... and I want to rest... May some super all powerful being or force have mercy on the world...

Note: Names and stories altered to protect the individuals involved. This is a community service message.


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