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Friday, December 07, 2001

Just burned off some space on my comp... what a relief... I discovered a few things today.

2.16am: Attempt to get some cash from the ATM to buy a new hard disk. Learnt that ATM closes at 11pm... only in this campus... Decided to take a walk back to hostel.

2.24am: Gates leading to the hostels were locked. Hostels were surrounded by chain-linked fences. Only an 'open' campus like this one has gates to 'lock' people in or out. The next available route would be a long detour by cutting across the executive apartments [which surprisingly has no fences... now who are they trying to cage up?]. I decided that at such a late hour, I'd rather take the risk of getting caught by the guards to whatever may lie ahead in the darkness.

2.25am: Ponder over possibilities of getting to the other side. [By now, the hostel blocks were looming about three metres in front of me]

2.26am: Scale chain-linked fence.

2.28am: Barge into hostel room swearing and cursing at the idiocity of the whole situation.

Note: Moral of the story, chain-linked fences are not effective when it comes to keeping out the riff-raff.

My life is just so interesting... shucks...


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