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Monday, December 10, 2001

I have finally understood the basics of HTML... shucks... and to think I edited my first webpage using the very same codes which I forgot so many years later... how embarassing...

Changed the layout a bit, as most of you would have noticed by now. I decided to keep it 'blank' and 'white' for a bit, till I have more time on my hands to add images to the background. But for now, the layout and placements of most of the text are correct. Whew! Took me awhile [I'm a net illiterate] to figure it out, but finally got a decent looking setup.

First day of class... woo hoo! I decided that economics, management, and accounts aren't for me... Kotak, can I bunk over at your place for tutorials? Your mom might be of some assistance!!! =D

I shall now do some sketches before I sleep... and I shall NOT install anymore games!!! They are the work of the devil!!! Sheesh...


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