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Sunday, December 23, 2001

I am suddenly feeling age creeping up. I received a new guitar today. I am happy. I am estatic. I am jumping around the room. I am surfing and hunting down guitar tabs. I played my best game of Battle Realms so far and forgot to save resulting in me having to replay the mission from where I last saved. I am an idiot. I have sketches to do but I don't feel like doing them. I have suddenly developed a rash of mellowness. I have four ulcers in my mouth and might be getting a sore throat if I'm not careful. I have deadlines looming after the holidays but too lazy to work. What am I?

Answer: I am a demented student stuck at the hostel of a very lousy campus with only a day or two before Chritmas and at the age of 21 is feeling extremely 40 for some odd reason with reason to smile despite all the bad things that are happening or will be happening to me.

Sounds odd? It's just me... go figure...XP

On a lighter [and less confusing] note, I watched LOTR twice so far. Wondering, did anyone notice the three stone trolls in the movie? A nice touch, subtle but nice...

P.S. Thanks to you-know-who for the guitar and for everything! You know who you are, and probably some other people know that as well. And to the rest of ya [again, you people know who you are], thanks for everything else that I haven't mentioned here. Man... I'm begining to sound like BIlbo... confusing English and all... maybe it's just my grammar...


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