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Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Wow... has it been that long since I last updated this blog? Well anyways... here I am... so there. Watched Audio Warfare/Battle of the Bands last night. I had to admit, the music and bands were getting better. Although there were only ten bands as compared to 17 the previous year, they were all good. And the guest band, Naked Breed, was proctically ROCKING the house. About the only thing that SUCKED was the fact that we were ACTUALLY divided into MALE and FEMALE! Yesh.... the hall was divided into two... and the women were being seated on the left side, while the guys were placed on the right side with a rope dividing the two sections. Yes!!! That's MMU for you! Anyone out there reading this blog contemplating furthering your studies in this Uni, well... this is one of the many downsides you'll have to deal with for the next three or four years! So if you're okay with swearing off women for the next few years... bring it on!!!

I know better than to stick around. that's why I'm leaving in another six months... until then... keep on rollin! [I know it sounds cliche... I'm highly motivated by that line kay?XP]


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