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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Day two: Miss Saigon

The day started out with breakfast, something I'm not quite accustomed to due to my pathetic campus life and my lack of will power to whip out two slices of bread and some spread... voluntarily. But who am I to complain? The breakfast was lovely and maybe it's because of my lack of experience [eating breakfast that is...] but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Okay, enough of eating. Basically we went downtown and managed to sample Singapore's famous beef noodles which came in BIG portions!!! Before that we visited this museum thinghy at Raffles Court. It's apparently some sort of hotel but doesn't really look like one. Maybe it's the colonial building. Anyway it wasn't really interesting or anything, so I'll skip that and go back to the food. Like I said, the beef noodles were delicious and came in BIG portions. Worth the six Sing dollars I paid for it... [dunno if it's six bucks or less... confused here..:D maybe round four bucks...hmm...]

Later, we had a little difficulty looking for the Kallang Theatre, but thanks to the friendly Singaporeans we were able to find the place after all. From a distance we could see the crowd gathering as we stepped off the bus. As we gathered in the waiting area, we could feel the anticipation of the people.... we could sense the suspense... we could taste the kiasuness of the people waiting to barge in like dogs infected with rabies [which sadly didn't happen due to the extremely good conduct portrayed by the Singaporeans which Malaysians heavily lacked]! Anyway we took a look at the souveniors for sale and then took two steps back as we saw the outrageous prices of the stuff they had there. Think of outrageous Malaysian prices... priced in Sing Dollars... nuff said. Soon it was time for us to go our seperate ways... yes... due to the late purchase of my ticket, I had to be placed somewhere else and had to seperated from the group. But needless to say, I totally enjoyed the show! We came out about two hours later, all wrapped up in awe and wonder as we head to the Lavendar MRT station to purchase bus tickets for the Emptybox's sister and her friend.

Dinnertime found us wandering around Holland Village, a place much like our local Bangsar, but of course, way cleaner and much more organized. Had this really huge bowl of laksa, with tons of prawns and cut up noodles which we had to scoop up with only a spoon. Great curry soup, rich in santan, and it cost us only 3 Sing Dollars a bowl. Very very worth it... plus the fact that I had three helpings of clams due to the fact that the Emptybox and her sis does not eat them. Felt a bit allergic to clams after that... will stay off char kuew teow until further notice... After that, we had some mudpies at this place called.. NYDC! Good mudpies... nuff said. Decided to walk to a nearby supermarket which was supposingly down the road. Halfway through, we realized that we weren't making any progress and proceeded to catch a bus. As the bus rounded a bend and down a hill about 300 metres from where we caught it, we saw the supermarket.

A few minutes later, we were back at the apartments and getting ready for bed. Now what mischief lies ahead the next day...?


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