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Friday, October 05, 2001

The lag! Oh, the lag! Oh mighty lag monster... won't you please spare the bandwidth of this poor little internet user? I will only dominate 0.2 kb a second... please... that's all it takes for me to check my mail! What? No?! Why not?!? You have to accomodate the inconsiderate mass downloaders who add to the lag?!? Ah well... you win some... you lose some... dun wan to fren you already... shucks...

Yesh! The lag has arrived at MMU! And the only decent time to use the network connection is either during weekends [when all the inconsiderate mass downloaders go back to their snug little homes] or during the wee hours of the morning when their downloads are done and they're not awake yet to download more. Either way, you have to either sacrifice some sleep in order to check mail, or sacrifice a good weekend by staying back in this dump! Not a good idea...

Anyway, get ready for the 5th day onwards for my Singapore trip experience. Yesh! I know it's late... but heck... if the network had been better... [that's right.. blame procastination on the network...] well.. maybe next entry... :P


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