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Monday, August 27, 2001

Aaliyah is gone... the world is mourning for her... and next door, my neighbour is not doing justice to her by blasting boyband songs all day... sheesh... talk about the lack of respect... or the ignorance of Malaysians. Hasn't someone already told the world that Boybands are BAD?!!!?!? Why ban black metal when the reason our youths grow up to be silly giggling teens who waste tons of money each year, is because of [yes, the dreaded word...] BOYBANDS!!! Shucks...

The past few days in my hometown has been a kaleidoscope of food eating and mindless sleeping. Interrupted sleep comes once in a while thanks to very understanding family members. As for the food, there's just no getting enough here... I'm probably gonna stuff myself silly and hibernate in cyberlala land till my next journey home. Here's to Penang food!


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