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Monday, October 08, 2001

And the lag has returned... there goes the weekend. What a waste... Well... the weekend has been a fine one, and the week has gotten off to a good start. So all there is left is to hope that it stays that way. Maya still sucks... Max is the way to go... nuff said. Any questions... feel free to ask me... at your own risk! Been listening to oldies these few days... sorta like a pang of nostalgia... hope it passes by soon... either that or hope that I can finally download something worthwhile off the net. For now, I shall continue with my misadventures in Singapore [dem... you people must be thinking, "when is that bugger gonna finish this?". I share your sentiments...].

Day Five: Away and back again...

Today was the day Kotak's sis and her friend was to go back to Malaysia, leaving us to babysit Kotak's little cousin. Not a very enjoyable chore... :P but nonetheless... it was rather fun... and plus... someone's gotta do it...:P After seeing her sis off, Kotak and I went around the city area... just basically window shopping and loafing around. By now, you should have noticed that I'm getting pretty lazy and do not feel like writing anymore. So I shall now end my adventures in Singapore abruptly by saying that the next few days before we went back to dirty ole Malaysia was enjoyable and fun. For more details, feel free to approach either me or Kotak. And lastly, I would like to thank Kotak for showing me around in Singapore. Wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much if you weren't there.

Finally... I have finished my account of my trip to Singapore. So what now? I think I'll go do some research, or 3D... or something...

Note to think about: Fee fi fo fum, I wonder what's that up my bum, I hope it's not your thumb... [who writes this stuff anyway?] :P


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