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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

And it has been more than a week... almost two or more... since I last updated my blog with something other than pure gibberish. The reason? I went to Singapore for a little more than a week! The rest of the time was spent condemning the campus administration for shutting down the network. Sheesh... Now that the network is up, I shall now proceed to write about my misadventures in the land where everything is just so "fine".

Day one: Arrival in a foreign land.

The day was hot, and the bus driver and conductor are grouchy... sheesh. Woke up feeling dizzy... looked around and followed everyone out like sheep. Looked around at my unfamiliar surroundings and realized... yes... I'm definitely NOT in Malaysia anymore. The first tell-tale signs of a foreign country are the signboards. no more misleading ugly and outdated signboards written in Bahasa Malaysia. No more stupid names such as Jalan Silikon or Jalan Germanium. Buses do NOT discharge black smoke... less cars... efficient public transport system... less smoke... clean streets... trash cans where you need them... overhead bridges with PEOPLE actually using them... and people being more polite and helpful. ...wow...

Anyway the reason I came down to Singapore was to watch Miss Saigon at the Kallang theatre. The Play was the next day so basically the Emptybox and I went in search of the respective public transport that would take us to her aunt's apartments where I will be staying for the next few days. The MRT basically shames the LRT of Malaysia, but what surprised me most was the fact that Singaporeans actually gave up their seats to the elderly and to those who need it more than they do, something which is rather rare in Malaysia.

Hoping onto a bus and getting to our destination was rather easy. The bus drivers are friendly and helpful which is more than I can say for our Malaysian counterparts. Oh ya... the escalators are three times faster than those in Malaysia... in fact, everything moves faster there... and if we do bump into slow moving organisms... they're almost always Malaysians on holiday!!! Anyway, that more or less wraps up my first day in Singaore... had a really heavy dinner that night. Some western food place with REALLY BIG portions... and BIG meatballs... Heck, the fish and chips for kids was big enough for the average Malaysian. I had the 'normal' fish and chips... which was huge beyond all reason.... and a rib to boot. And one of the things that I was about to discover soon was the huge portions of food that are served, well worth the exchange rate for the amount that we have to pay...:P Now that really wraps up my first day.


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