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Thursday, August 23, 2001

Just recently found out the cause for the slow network for the past few days. It was because of a worm named CodeRed or something like that... it sends out packets.. in other words.. data! Not just any data, but basically nonsense! A whole lot of nonsense to clog up the lines. And even better yet... after spending mindless hours cursing and condeming people who download endlessly, I found out that my comp was infected with the worm... Spent the whole of Tuesday trying to clean-up the mess my comp has done to the network! Needless to say, I am now worm FREE!!! :D

Had a little jumpy afternoon... I hope a little movie or some food might cheer me up... but as far as I'm concerned, even as I type this... I'm already cheered up...:)

P.S. To the friend who made my day... thanks! You know who you are... and to the rest of ya... thanks as well!


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