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Monday, August 06, 2001

This is never a good thing... I meant the network by the way. Was about to write a whole lotta good things bout the happenings of today, but the fact that I had to walk around the whole campus looking for a public phone that's ACTUALLY working, doesn't really amount to a happy ending...[okay, maybe it did... but that's another story...]

Anyway, the day started off with a slight delay in my waking up...[remind never to go back for an extra five minutes of sleep...] followed by a hurried trip to campus where practice took place. The dance was well enough... some mistakes here and there... but other than that, the crowd was supportive... so that was that.

Dinner was at the dreaded KFC... stale chicken breasts and thighs... mouldy buns... and mounds of mashed potatoes with too much pepper. Don't I just 'love' KFC... After that was the long quest to find the working public phone!!! Walked through HB1, all floors... HB2, two floors and foodcourt [before I realized that one of the phones practically chews up your money and never returns it... I should have kicked it...], HB3, almost went up, but the guard was there, so I didn't wanna look too desperate... ended up in STAD [the last place I wanna be in the middle of the night], but nonetheless, they ACTUALLY had a WORKING phone there!!! [woohoo...] And then I found out that the other side is a bit soft, so I had to practically THROW my voice out throughout the whole hallway!!! Talk about self-projection... well... the night ended in a better note, with me finally updating this blog and sitting down to finish watching swordfish... maybe tomorrow I might actually get a transfer to another campus and be liberated from the horrors of this place!!! Sigh... there goes another 'putrajaya'...


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