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Sunday, September 05, 2004

I am vindicated!

No, actually I'm not. Heck, I don't even understand the full meaning of the word. But doesn't it sound cool? Yeah, I have to admit it, I enjoy being silly without a reason. Just being myself, kiddish or childish or whatever you call it. It builds character, I believe.

Work has become a bit more motivating, and a bit less demeaning. Heck, a whole lot more less demeaning. Moving to a new location within the same premise has altered a lot. Working on a different project has done some good. Working with interesting colleagues has made coming to office less of a chore. It also proves, that not having a boss staring at your screen behind you and 'serious' colleagues being utterly silent all day improves productivity. All bosses should not be looking over their employees shoulders. It helps promote world peace!

Had an interesting weekend of capo and work. Looking forward to an even more interesting weekend of capo! Life is good... even if car prices aren't going down and petrol prices keep rising and Malaysian athletes suck coz cars in Singapore cost twice as much and petrol prices in Hong Kong are like RM 5 per litre and we're lucky our athletes suck coz at least we don't have people holed up in gyms to be blown to bits by fanatics who can't seem to reason with words, but rather with violence and I'm happy to be Malaysian no matter how sarcastic I can be and no one should ever take me seriously coz I'm hardly serious about anything except when it comes to my family and girlfriend (which should also be regarded as family)!

Life is good! Peace!


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