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Monday, April 12, 2004

Colleague #6: The Robot

Punch in. Wait for boss to open office. Go into office. Unpack stuff. Sit down. Switch on PC. Wait till PC boots up. Work. Tea break. Tea break ignored. Work. Work somemore. Lunch. Work a bit before lunch. Punch out. Go for lunch. Finish lunch. Punch in. Read paper for a while. Work. Work. Work some more. Toilet break. Flinch a bit while everyone else has break. Work. Work. Work. Final bell. Work some more. Do OT. Work. Bell. Punch out. Break for dinner. Have dinner. Finish dinner. Punch in. Read paper. Work. Work. Work. Work some more. Final bell. Shut down PC. Punch out. Go home. Double click on 'dream' application. Go to 'start'button. Select 'hibernate'.

Colleague #7: Robot II

(Refer to 'Colleague #6: The Robot'! Incidently, they're both housemates...)

Colleague #8: The Boss

Due to the nature of the situation, nothing will be written here... ever...

Kalamari Squidocious: Senior Multimedia Designer and all-time stress-inflictee...

Stress stress stress!!! Have to rush to work again thanks to distance + jam + baka-drivers-who-have-to-start-digging-in-their-pockets-once-they-stop-in-front-of-the-toll-booth-to-dig-out-a-RM50 note-and-wait-for-the-toll-assistant-to-give-them-their-change-and-then-wait-somemore-to-get-the-receipt-and-keeping-everyone-waiting-in-line-for-five-whole-minutes... BAKAAAA!!! + silly punch card contraption that destroys any chance of a bonus if you're late! Sleepy... boring... ribosomes ribosomes... more ribosomes... boring.. sleepy... ribosomes.. oh, done that already... right, colon.. colon.. more colon... boring.. sleepy... when's lunch break? Crap, colleague #1 is idling away again! Crap, now she's chatting with colleague #2! Wait, what's this? She's doing another shoddy job again! Crap! Look at the number of corrections this thing needs! Why can't she be freaking professional and do something right for once?!?!?! BAKAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!! What have I done to deserve this?!!?!? Now colleague #2 is surfing the net again... shucks... somebody please change my place so I don't have to see
them work!!! Aaaarggghhh!!! ... ... ... sigh... .... ribosomes ribosomes...


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