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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Return...

5.15. pm is looming. Work is at hand. There are ribosomes to be modelled and numerous other stuff to do. Mild-mannered and slightly frustrated Kalamari sits obediently at his desk watching the ribosomes pass him by as he clicks each one into exixtence.

So far, he has brought to life 107 ribosomes by way of continuous and monotonous clicking. Yes, it is a mundane job, but someone (in this case it's Kalamari) has to do it.

Under the ever watchful eye of B.O.S.S. ( Barbaric Obnoxious Sadistic Someone) he has no choice but to slowly model ribosome after ribosome. That and also because no one in the office knows how to model using 3.D. M.A.X. (3 Damnations of Multimedia Angst eXtreme).

The two N.E.W.B.I.E.S. (New-age Egoistical Wannabes Bitching Inconsiderately at Effluent Subjects) aren't much help to our mild-mannered and frustrated hero, preferring instead to gossip and chat all day without an ounce of work.

But lo and behold! From the shadows of the pantry, is it a fly? Is it a maggot? No! It's the world famous cookie crumb from the last cookie! In frustration, Kalamari heads back to his desk. The mundane job has laid waste to our potential hero.


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