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Monday, July 29, 2002

Alas, our hero was captured following his adventures last week! In the midst of a relaxing weekend, our mild-mannered and gastrickened hero was suddenly pounced upon by the deadly clutches of the U.N.F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. W.O.R.K.!!! [Ugly Neutered Fat Idiotic Numb Imbecilic Stupid Horrible Eternity of Death, Weathered Obnoxious Rugged Kerja]!!!

Our hero was repeatedly stabbed, forced into submission by this horid creature, but he fought hard, and with his one free hand, he called upon the powers of Ungray Skull!!! To grant him the powers of Multipurpose Man!!! [Tantaaraa!!!] With his new found power [which isn't so new since he had it for sometime now...] he beat back the beast, and with his multipurpose might, he sat down to finish off the last of the Orcish missions in Warcraft 3!

After completing the difficult bloodcurdling mission, our hero proceeded to bask in the joy of victory, when in that unsuspecting second, the beast launched a counter attack!!! Oh NO!!! Our hero is captured! Caught in the evil tentacles of this vile creature!!! Will Multipurpose Man prevail as he always does? Will he destroy the creature which intends to incinerate the 'prefect' weekend? Find out next paragraph, as Multipurpose Man battles this evil abomination!!!

And Monday it is... out hero leans back in his chair, staring at this yellow-haired girl... I mean.. the monitor... [gawd, my girlfriend's gonna kill me!] He stretches out and laughs to himself .. ho ho ho... The beast is beaten! With its last remaining strenght, it attempts to crawl back to its dark forbidden lair, but Multipurpose shall not let it live to wreck havoc another day! No... he will hunt down this beast and put it out of its misery!!! But,... for now, it's time to rejoice... our hero is going back home to rest!

Tomorrow, will be judgement day... for the beast named... U.N.F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. W.O.R.K.!!!

On an odd note: Saw a car accident while I was having breakfast. A van backed out into a car driving past it. Resisting my natural Malaysian-born urge to look and do nothing, I stared back at my half finished half-boiled eggs, and proceeded to finish off the job. The accident matter was settled rather quickly tho... something that doesn't usually happen in Malaysia... must be Monday morning...


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