Random Solitary Thoughts

Monday, July 22, 2002

A barrage of sudden work overcame our mild-mannered hero, Kalamari. In a flash, he calls upon the powers bestowed on him by the great God Gaban and thus became, Multipurposeman!!! a.k.a. the Squid! Multipurposeman crawled through the bubbling remains of his desk, pawing at every corner he faces, in a desperate attempt to complete his work before the dreaded LUNCH HOUR!!! But alas, just as the skies were clearing, the evil forces of F.L.A. [ Free-Lancers Anonymous] burst into the room! Our hero was pinned to his desk by the very work he sought to reduce! And there he sits for the remainder of the day, desperately trying to escape his tormentors, and to reach the salvation of his Goddess... F.O.O.D. [Fat Oversized Obese Dork] ! Will our hero escape sure death? Will he be able to reach the safety of F.O.O.D?!?!? Will he be around for another episode of Multipurposeman??? Find out tomorrow on the Multipurpose Chronicles!!!


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