Random Solitary Thoughts

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Our mild mannered hero, Kalamari, once again sits back to enjoy a nice quiet day after a long work-fighting session.

Among other things, our hero came across a puzzling riddle that left him stumped! Needless to say, the peace and quiet is soon to be broken, thanks to this riddle. Below is the confounded riddle. If any of you has any idea what it means, please drop our mild-mannered hero a line!

"I am small and round. I have a long stalk, and hard round seeds. Sometimes, I am sour. What am I?"

What is it indeed.... looks like a job for... Multipurpose Man!!! [tantaraaa!!!] Can Multipurpose Man solve the puzzling riddle? Can he free mild-mannered Kalamari from his prison of work? Find out tomorrow on The Multipurpose Chronicles!!!


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