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Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Whoopsy doo!!! Someone or something changed the password on my blog account resulting in ten minutes of attempting to get it right and an hour or so of waiting for hotmail to load in order to get the password which I have "forgotten"!

Well, now that the reason behind the delay is settled, it is now time for me to story you bout the happenings of the day.

The Great Asam Laksa Quest
This is the quest to line up to buy asam laksa which Kotak said was really good and that I should try it. Spent one hour waiting in line just for four packets of asam laksa [which is a kind of noodle in sardine soup]. During the long wait, there were about four people ahead of us, and this is their story...

First in line was the kiasu lady. This lady, was no doubt the most 'kiasu' [this term applies to people who are so success oriented, they have to be first at everything] person I have ever seen. She was there lining up way before the stall has arrived. This lady proceeded to waste about 15 minutes of our time by unabling to decide on what she wanted. First she placed a few orders, then proceeded to add to the amount, and then proceeded to add to that as well. And then I think someone came around and asked her to place an order for them, and she did. In the end, she must have bought over 20 packets. Either that, or the lady handling the stall was slow... very slow...
Summary: Place your order and get it over with!!!

Next in line, was a nice elderly lady who knew what she wanted. She took a few seconds and was quickly off to whatever place she came from.
Moral: Be quick about it!!!

Third in line was Mrs. Frisky! This silly woman spent 15 mins trying to figure out that this was an Asam Laksa stall and NOT some McDonalds or Burger King!!! She leisurely took her time asking if the noodles were long or short [yesh... some people are THAT FRISKY!!!] and trying to decide if she wanted them or not. Best thing was, she had been lining up for so long, you would have thought she could at least have made up her mind by then!!! Thanks to her indecisive attitude, up to about 20 people were made to wait 15 minutes longer. Thanks a LOT!!!

Fourth in line was a young lady who kept chatting with a friend who happened to be somewhat related to the 'kiasu' lady! But hen it came to her turn, things went rather fast. So no complaints there.
Comment: Be all that you are... when you're at the front of the line, make it quick!!!

Finally, we were able to order, and what perfect timing, for the guy behind us was ready to order 9 packets!!! This of course paled in comparison with the legend of the 17 packet man. Apparently, some guy once ordered 17 packes to go! Woo hoo!!! Either he has a big family, or his family eats four helpings... Anyhow, we managed to get the deal done within a matter of seconds and was off to eat our bounty!!! I have learnt valuable lessons today...

First off, it always pays to make sure you have a compound parking ticket on display! The fine is not worth it... and your parents finding out is of course a bonus! The local council does not do a good job! They came, they strut, they threatened a poor guy whose family and kids were sitting on the side of the road, and then they left... wonder why we're paying taxes to these losers for... Lining up for asam laksa is only worth it if idiots like the kiasu woman and Mrs. Frisky ain't around. Asam laksa tastes good after an hour of lining up.

Aaahhh... life is bliss...


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