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Tuesday, October 30, 2001

A good start... always a good start... and then some idiot has to come and spoil it all!!! It always happens... why does it happen? Shucks... okay.. from the beginning...

Started the day on a good note. Nuff said. Made plans to go watch Kakashi. Fair enough. Actually did the bookings despite some inconsistencies from some people. Still, all was well and I had a good CS session before a half hour nap. Life is good...:D Everything then proceeded well enough until the fateful moment where everything just went down...

This crazy poor excuse for a driver cut into my lane, almost crashing the car and endangering the lives of the occupants in the car. And without any apology, just drove off trying to act nochalant. What a JERK!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, I had to miss a turn, and ended up been stared at by this extremely sad looking motorcyclist [whom I can conveniently bump off the road and who obviously doesn't know this fact!]. The fella just couldn't stop staring at me the whole time as if I was some male model from some magazine or something. I know I was was wrong and made a mistake, but he didn't have to keep staring. And if both incidents hadn't occured within five minutes of each other, I would have probably driven into him and dragged him half-way through town, grinning and laughing hysterically all the way!!! [psychotic aren't I?!?!?!?] The lucky bastard had it lucky... I was too stumped to do anything drastic... and my course of meditation was under way... really lucky...

Now, that would seem enough for a day, but due to some form of miscommunication, I ended up collecting and PAYING for five tickets, for FOUR!!! Fortunately, the kind lady was kind enough to refund the last one and I was relieved and happy as a clam!!! [The fact that I was at the verge of bankruptcy didn't help my blood pressure a bit...] People, next time remind me NEVER to involve myself in the self-torturing task of ticket booking! I am now officially retired!!!

Final chapter! The movie was okay... not too bad, tho it could have been better. Anyways, I had a good time, and an interesting meal of Tosai Pizza at Bangsar afterwards. The day ended on a good note, so no complaints there. Ironic how a little bump in the middle of a road can cause so much trouble. It's a good thing I didn't let it get to the rest of my journey. I learnt something new today. Now I can sleep in peace.

Thoughts: Always smile. Be happy. Be upset if you must, but don't keep it too long. Remember to PAY the person booking the tickets!!! XP

Note: Don't feel guilty when you haven't been working. Feel very very guilty!!! XP


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